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Tanket and One Eye can be killed more easily and quickly than Ironclad. What item a fiend drops can be found on the Enemy page.

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Is Yojimbo really worth the money I paid to hire him, and if so, how? Rikku has some powerful mixes using Mapavailable for 50 gil from the Thunder Plains and Macalania Agencies or Rin on the airship.

Overdrive[ edit ] Rikku has by far the most versatile overdrive of any character. FFX Videos: Ifrit against Bombs, Ixion against machina with Electrocute.

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See my Al Bhed Primer Locations guide for screenshots, and how to get them using a Compilation Sphere if you've missed them! Customize a Claw with Sensor.

Banishing Blade gained after 3 Jecht Spheres collected inflicts all four Breaks. Auron's Threaten often removes Berserk-- oh, is that what it's for? This is a complete and exhaustive list of Rikku's "Mix" Overdrive command. The boss guarding Baaj Temple see my secret locations guide drops a No-Encounter weapon, useful for finishing Lulu's Celestial Weapons quest.

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Being a thief, Rikku is of course highly agile and excels only really in this attribute, although her accuracy and defenses are serviceable. It's worth checking out Rikku's Mix List and jotting down a few favorites.

Most freebie items can be used as the "cheap" item — potions, antidotes, the basic four red spheres, whatever you have in excess at the moment. Park outside Macalania Temple when all the Guado are chasing you for gil mid-game.

To fit everyone in, some can Steal, Pray, or Guard. That's the sort of thing I'd look for. The latest version of this document, and all the other ones I've written, can always be found at GameFAQs http: Can be reduced below with additional support e.

This includes skills the user has not learnt, and will even work with doublecasts.

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Use the legend at the bottom to understand what the number's beside each attack mean. Auto-Phoenix will. For example, the simplest combination of items that results in Supernova is a Fire Gem plus a Dark Matter, while the most complicated combination resulting in Supernova is an Winning Formula plus an Winning Formula.

Nearly a month, and six thousand, three hundred, and twenty-eight item combinations later, we're done.

Support Mixes

That is, they can then inflict more than 9, HP damage. Combined with some kind of multi-hit attack such as Tidus's or Wakka's overdrives, or an elemental gemthese can be used to quickly reduce an enemy's HP to capturable levels if you know how much they have.

It should also be noted that Rikku's grid starts with a lot of HP nodes to help get her strong enough to fight the battles she immediately finds herself in. Mess with the bull you get the horns User Info: If you return any time after Operation Mi'ihen, the lady on the upper deck of the S.

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Mug — Combined use of the Steal and Attack commands steals an item and does damage. Shooting Star gotten after the Spherimorph battle is hilarious on a big monster like a Marlboro or Sand Worm. Omega Ruins Mimics give you 50, gil orgil with diet to help male fertility Gillionaire auto-ability Rikku's Celestial Weapon has it.

Good for Hyper Vitality against beefy fiends or hard hitters.

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Having two characters with Auto-Phoenix in the active party makes you almost invincible against attacks that hit just one character, no matter how powerful. Rikku is able to dismantle a variety of Machina enemies instantly with her Steal command, and the Use command may come in handy in many boss battles, especially when other members may not be available.

HayanNinja HayanNinja 3 years ago 4 If you have any Underdog's Secret which are kind of rare, but aren't very useful for much other than mixesthey can be used for some extremely powerful mixes. Why loan gil to Oa'ka?

Master FFX With these Tips and Tactics!

See Deathstrike for details on how to utilize Mug for an ultimate attack. Find the answers to these questions and more among the FFX tips and hints below! Shadow King, Secret Agent Clank. Give Yuna that Strength Sphere you got for winning the blitzball tournament.

A Dangerous Mix! Version History II. Enemies carry both common and rare items, and abilities on weapons such as Master Thief will enable only the rare items to be stolen. This strategy allows you to save your really rare items for remodeling equipment, and not waste them on Rikku's Overdrive.

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  1. Or hit Triangle to defend.
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  4. Final Fantasy X Mix List for PlayStation 2 by CB! - GameFAQs
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  6. Combined with some kind of multi-hit attack such as Tidus's or Wakka's overdrives, or an elemental gemthese can be used to quickly reduce an enemy's HP to capturable levels if you know how much they have.

You can fight Kottos again and again. It would be impractical to list all the possible combinations here as there are so many, but below are some particularly useful examples. Please try to use a modicum of grammar and politeness, and please make sure your question hasn't already been answered.

Use aeons as shields against elements: Luck — Raises the Luck attribute of all active party members for the battle, this effect can be stacked up to 5 times. It's dug up an extra Overdrive for Valefor huh?

Non-Elemental Attack Mixes

Omega Ruins is the place to level once you're buff. Do not steal information from this FAQ for your magazine, or other form of media - printed, online, or otherwise.

What's the best use for a Moogle? Four slot armor sells for 25K each.

Final Fantasy X – Mix List

Midgame leveling: With HP, you can fully heal in one shot. Mug has a hidden attribute of causing death at a very small chance. Get Wakka's Overdrives faster by exiting and saving at the end of each season. Sell armor back for 60 times what you paid for it. Auto-Phoenix is useful throughout the whole game.

Mix List by CB!

Final Fantasy X: Tips and Strategy

Suddenly Yuna can clobber things. Whatever the previous action was, it will always cost 28MP to copycat, but bear in mind that the damage is not likely to be the same due to differing attributes between characters.

If you're looking for the sum of a Fire Gem and a Gambler's Spirit, you'll find it under Fire Gem, because that comes first on the list. Remember what I said about having your wisdom teeth extracted? Use weapons with Sensor to monitor boss HP, and finish off bosses with aeon Overdrives for the best chance of Overkill.

Spare Change — Throws Gil at an enemy to damage them damage is Gil thrown divided by The one attack that requires Auto-Life. Began guide. Blaster Mine: It takes 30x Winning Formula for Triple Overdrive; you'll get x99 for unlocking Neslug 1 of each monster from every area. All Japanese item and effect names are now current with the English release. Background[ edit ] Rikku is a young Al Bhed girl introduced very early on in the game, although she is the last character to join the party doing so at the Moonflow area.

You can obtain it as an item in and of itself, but if you don't have that, you can also mix them by mixing two Power Spheres. Don't waste Esunas on Auron when he's Confused; slap him with a Moogle!

Unless new information comes to light, this will be the final update. User Info: Surrender now to oblivion! On stamina tablet ffx mix trio of 9999 ffx hit, they'll collect an item, until the Urn blows titan gel mercado libre peru and charges their overdrive. However, you can get the same result from Auron's Banishing Blade too.