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The President, Mrs. And let no one P"i mit hiinsoll to credit tho ridiculous stories that Mr.

The Forest Republican. (Tionesta, Pa.) 1869-1952, January 09, 1901, Image 2

This day what is edging in skiing a distinct epoch In tho history of this town In that it is the first convention held within its bor ders, whose object is, iho promotion ol temperance purity. J i, I'-Ol.

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Hickory Tn-p. Ho is a party man, an advocate, of party organization, an exemplar of tho only methods through w hich the popular will can be faithfully expresved. Rebecca Cham bers.

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She said tho gifatest question beloro the American people to-day is not of silver and gold, or how we shall rule people in a foreign land, but how we shall destroy tlio liquor tratlio. D, ls7i, and the supieiuents luerelo, for a charter of an intendeil corporation to lie called "The Tionesta Mantel Mannlm turiug Coiiipauy," llie.

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Shop in rear of an I. Kvery year? Huston, State Snpt. Oil eil 'I oris limrsund i ien -nil I'. State Convent ion.

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Steven Nat. To the Ue p il. Tho Pages of the convention were young ladies ol ttie 1.

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Mrs, Elma Preston's report on L. It is hereby mado unlawful for anv per-on to forge or present to a police olliccr or magistrate, charged with carrying into ellrct tho provisions of this ordinance a fraudulent or foru'f'd written statement, whoro tho said written sta'ement is presented as repined by Section 1 of tine ordinance.

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Chambers, piesenkd tho diplomas, sev - D" I! I list wet of the Shaw House, Tidiotitr, pa. I'lirlieuliirn, folders, and rcneral In f rinatien of amenta of cj nnectinr lines, or hy ndiiressinj. IKvili himself declared o;i -uly and aliovehia.

The woathc r was beautiful and with the arrival of every train the delegates from tho different dis tricts kept coming, but it was not until the special arrived containing tho eastern delegation in tho evening, that their presence became realized. Iho olyivt ol lliis department is lo hold services in hospitals and prisons ; much has Wen done In the past year, over i,0iHi member have signed the total abstinaiiee pledge, 1.

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The report of temperance Light Hearers for lttoo was read by Mrs. Jli;eiiring Mill i. Twen tlnce counties in the stale have no li braries in tho jails. Wuvim Co' W, N. Stevens' report of mothers' meetings showed thai the Interest in theso meetings is rapidly inn easing thtoughont the stale.

Til AT KI.

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Zinc ami Grinding make Pevoo Lcn. The white ribbon ladies of the Key stone State held their lliith annua! I s'ni.

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Orr Saturday morning after the reiruUr order of opening, reports wero given by the different Supts. This train contained 15S members of the W. OHl, nil Manap-r, leu'l rassenip'r Ant. Thomas J.

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Srl 4. H W atioul your Btwk of Stationary? Madam Layyah Harrakat. Pinner and sup per waa served here each day excepting Sabbath, during tho convention. She brought greeting to us from their convention w hich had ust closed. Way NK Cook, President.

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Tho lirst regular session was called to order by the Pres. Tionesta, Pa. Warren Co re ceived tho banner for having done the best work in this department during the year. I am glad to say in the interest of the W. Quay we poreolvo a rebuke lo the traitorous cabals in the western part of Pennsylvania and to tho hypocritical and mean contrivances In the eastern.

In tin. On Tuesday evening Iho address was madeb. During the con vention little Mable Conklin Hazledotf was taken In as a member.

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This is pra tically a new department, its apodal work is to win and enroll the babies every whero as new recruits. Just here wo stopped lo welc- ino Mrs. Kvery Day, from ' a. Tho liurgass or a justice ot the peace seeing any person vioiiitimr this ordinance may make a record of I lie same which sbsll bave tiio same force and client as if tho ollender had been tak en lieforo him by an olliccr.

She said iu the state of X.

  • It I NO llie latter part of January, ami througli February, vv will ex perience some very govern weather.
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  • IIirnotAN, Clerk.

Sinearliaunh, T. Stevens that site is a steam, strong-minded straight-forward woman; ami Anna Gordon, one look into her sweet face tells you a story wo havo all beard. This was followed by Hcriiituie reading and prayer and then a marching song by the Ixiyal Temperance Legion of Uniontown, and then a beauti ful piano duet by ladies of the town.

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They deserved a great deal of credit for they we-u untir ing iu their efforts to accommodate every one during tho wholo time. Notico of Appeals. JPh, ltt'1. They opened with songs nl gre -iing, and s"ii. Hub- lard of Philadelphia reported ou purity work, sho gave au excellent report, rt'i d that plenty of literature on this work be distributed and said that a good way to raise money for this purpose was to give a lower social once a year.

Miss l.

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The huuso was well fillid with delegates and visitors all of w hom joined heartily in singing "Lean ing in the everlasting arms of Jesus. Jlcnreitta rorest, ice tre. Fach member of the police force, constable and special policeniRii, is hereby authorized to arrest any prismi violating the provisions of Section 1 of tins ordinance and retain such persiui lor a reasonable time in which complaint can be mado by such oflleer anil a war laot i: This was followed by the President's address, whorein she re'erred lo the part christian women had taken in securing the expulsionif Mormon Rob ot ts from Congress, denounced the army canteen system, outlined plans for ex panding tho membership and finances of the order, in which medal and other con tests were urged, exhorted the members ri t to becomo discouraged for she said in the end the causo of temperance and so briety must prevail.

She said that "Infantry" had more than doubled ; this is only its second birthday; last year DOU members were reported, this year there are 13S4. Poutt walked lrfttltt into lit?

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Tho IVnj 1 vatiia legislature liii't on the first ilny of the new year amas had ben claimed hy tho stalwatt Kfuilli Cans, was oruaniaci I'V elect ins two stal wart K i iiLdicans as pre-sidini; officers of the Senate and House, William P. Atli-si; Com in issioners. The address was accepted by giving tho white wave and singing "Iilcxt be tho Tio that Hinds'' The Cor.

She al so urged tho curfew ordinance. Jeliks T plit Miirienvl'In, Wedlles-dir. In the afternoon tho ro potts troin Supts. They were at once taken in charge by the re ception committee, and escorted to que es la libido yoica dclegtitis' prayrnieoting.