[OP-ED]: NYTimes Editorial in Spanish? Well, perhaps it’s about time... (¿Que no?)

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Podemos suffered in the Spanish elections because it lacked a defining European agenda.

Our gut, initial reaction was: The only missing ingredient is a progressive Europeanist agenda of the type that DiEM25 is working to build from the ground up op-ed in spanish Europe. Latinos to, please, PLEASE, decide the current race for the White House, and unleash the power of its vote to once and for all determine the outcome of this contest— so close between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump because both candidates have overlooked the 27 million U.

How to say op-ed in Spanish? The decision took place in light of D.

Spanish is an American language. You can subscribe to the Weekly Bulletin here. The significance of the decision on D.

Op-ed: Spanish authorities' overreaction to Catalonian referendum - was it worth it? Facebook Comments.

A review of key outlets indicates little-to-no serious reporting on the matter, focusing on his career largely from an entertainment or gossip perspective. In this case, the victim was a year-old girl, and at the time, male extra price in philadelphia was He was deported without any possibility to explain his personal circumstances and protection needs, without being asked a single question about his age or name, and without being able to come into contact with any lawyer or translator.

But add a violent crackdown and the calculations are adjusted.

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In early August, the Manhattan District Attorney office submitted a letter to the court to recommend jail time and a sex offender registration for the rapper after he failed to meet the terms of his plea agreement, garnering the widest coverage of his case yet.

Spanish remained an official language of politics and government in much of the Southwest throughout the 19th century, but that changed in the first decades of the 20th century.

Dysfunctionality of office

Democrats will stop taking them for granted, ignoring them as obedient maids down in the ranks, below African Americans, and Republicans sincerely may seek a relationship with these growing number of voters, sexual dysfunctions and problems can be caused by quizlet chapter 14 their leaders part of their ranks in the upper echelons of the party's hierarchy.

In assessing the evidence, the Committee highlighted the imbalance between an undocumented minor summarily returned and the state authorities, concluding that the burden of proof could not fall entirely on the applicant.

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  2. Senators visiting New Mexico in concluded that they could not conduct their official business without an interpreter.
  3. In my earlier commentary for Newsweek before the U.

In6ix9ine pleaded guilty to the felony charge of does inguinal hernia cause erectile dysfunction of a child in a sexual performance. Over the decades that followed, the federal government permitted local governments in the Southwest to use Spanish in official capacities. Factually, Spain argued that there was no definite evidence proving that the person being summarily expelled was in fact the complainant, thus prima facie questioning his credibility.

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However, there is a competing principle of self-determination, enshrined in Chapter 1 of the UN Charter, and a perceived right to decent representation in government. The decision not to report on 6ix9ine in our social media-addled times means that many Spanish speakers are either unaware of or misinformed about his crime. Border Patrol agent about why he asked for their identifications.

Alas, Brexit put paid to those hopes and forecasts.

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The complaint brought by D. In the past, Remezcla has chosen not to cover 6ix9ine. In midtown Manhattan, an attorney, Aaron Schlossberg, berated a restaurant owner after he heard workers speaking in Spanish.

Spanish has now been a part of everyday life in New York for over a century.

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Tens of thousands more Cubans arrived in the early 20th century, well before the Cuban Revolution. And so an electoral result in favor of continuity becomes the harbinger of deep uncertainty. Separatist movements usually claim this principle as their foundation, arguing that the central government is failing to hold up its end of the bargain. Podemos finished third rather than in a predicted second place.

Los Angeles Times Video recordings in very different settings caught two incidents of Spanish speakers being harassed or detained as perceived undocumented immigrants this month.