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Will we see more of him?

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He's a great support system in all areas of my life. Does that mean you're going to write more books?

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Traveling is always a problem for us dog owners. While I'm writing, I don't allow myself to read because I start taking on the voice of the writer. I was a psych major in college, and my ed in hospital also has a master's in psychology.

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I was worried the Simple Dog wouldn't recognize me when I got home. It's tough trying to find the most accurate term for what I do.

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I just didn't have any feelings. She lives in Los Angeles.

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I've always been reluctant to do the relationship comedy thing because it can get hackneyed, but I know that eventually I'll do it. It was a meager existence, but I was used to that by then.

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Do you think of your work as comics, cartoons, graphic short stories, or do you not get hung up on the genre categorization? I signed my book contract in May But there's also immediately a feeling of "Shit, I don't know what I'm doing. I actually felt relieved. When I'm depressed, I'll stop showering or eating. It's this big amalgamation of these things that I like all put together.

Do you have a day job?

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Same with Seattle. I don't talk to anyone about the posts while they're in progress but I do show them to Duncan. I don't know if she menopause total loss of libido right away, but when we got back into the house, then she started putting the pieces together.


I'd make this weird tube or tadpole person, these eyes like some poison dart frog. Contact us. I work from an outline that starts with a basic idea. By the time I put it up there, I was ready to get it off my chest.

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I just wanted a cone. As a fellow dog owner, I'm wondering what you do with Helper Dog and Simple Dog [two stars of Brosh's work] while on tour? As far as the hair goes, I drew bangs on myself for a while, but it annoyed me that I had a hairstyle. I was having a hard time identitywise, and then shortly thereafter I hit my depression, and that made it exceedingly difficult to write.

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I do enjoy the simplicity, and it's really the only stylized thing in my drawings. I did not realize that I'd reached Patron Saint status!

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It's so uncertain. The shape of her body now was the final result of all these tiny modifications. I like to play around in that form.