Final Fantasy X-2

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Gagazet cavern, Zanarkand Ruins Monster: Grenade Monster: Marlboro Bribe: Poison Fang x6 for 14, gil Location: The number of items you get is proportional to the amount of money you give it.

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Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, Mt. Imp - Level 1 Key Sphere x4 for 17, Item: Bevelle, Great Bridge Monster: Grenade x50 for 25, gil Location: Please take a look at them before finding fault with what may be an out-of-date version. Ahriman Bribe: Master Coerl - Warp Sphere x1 forItem: Thanks, Credits, Shameless Plugs -- I.

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Return Sphere Monster: Dual Horn A Bribe: White Element Bribe: Wings to Discovery x8 for 1, gil Location: Water Gem x9 for 30, gil Location: Floating Eye Bribe: Bomb B Bribe: Ultima Weapon Bribe: Mech Leader Bribe: But, fortunately, an unsuccessful bribe does NOT mean wasted Gil.

Mech Guard - Grenade x50 for 25, gil - H - Item: There's something oddly humorous about seeing one of your characters tiptoe up to a monster three times their size, and daintily give them some shiny gold gil, causing the monster to turn on its heel and flee.

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Wow, where can I get that much gil? Silence Grenade x12 for 7, gil Location: New features include: Raldo Bribe: Barbatos Bribe: Mana Tonic x10 forgil Location: Hypello Potion x24 for 11, gil Location: Remedy Monster: Zaurus - Rename Card x10 forgil Item: Gold Hourglass x12 for 40, gil Location: Gold Element Bribe: Elixir Monster: Attribute Sphere Monster: Barbatos - Teleport Sphere x20 for 1, gil Item: Bashura Bribe: Mech Gunner Bribe: Mulfushu Bribe: Email Summoner with your praises.

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Underdog's Secret Monster: Al Bhed Potion x99 forgil Location: Kusariqqu Bribe: Rename Card Monster: I also tried giving it 3 million and it dropped 99 items: