Common Stretch Tent Rigging Mistakes Can Be Avoided With These Guidelines

How to erect a stretch tent,

Part 3: Continual reference should be made to weather forecasting services, especially when stretch tent structures are erected during winter or on exposed sites.

Setup Instructions

It is imperative that safety straps are use with medium- to large-sized tents, especially where more than one central pole is being used. Loose soil provides the least resistance and may require special anchors.

All anchorages are fitted with a protector.

The tent is properly tensioned and not prone to ponding in rainy weather. The pegs should be at least 25mmxmm in size, and 1 mm if pegging into soft sand.

  1. Up to date requirements for the number of pegs required at every point depends on the size of the tent.
  2. When more than one row of central poles is needed, ensure the lengths are staggered with the longest poles placed in the centre of the tent.

Where ground penetration is not possible, heavy ballast weights can be used to withstand uplift forces. To prevent the risk of fire, the client should ensure that the grass and vegetation within the footprint of the fabric structure have been cut and clippings removed prior to setup.

An absolute minimum for a side-upright pole is one stake that is at least 1 mm long and 25mm in diameter, driven fully into the ground. Check poles for kinking or bowing.

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No fabric tears are present. In carrying out these measures, no member of the public or work crew should be put at risk.

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A useful tip is to mark the point on the ground before lifting the edge of the tent, as this is the point where the base of the side pole should be positioned. Part 2: Inspection before handover to client Before the erection is signed off and handed over to the client, it should undergo a thorough inspection.

The Complete Guide to Rigging a Stretch Tent Safely

With more complex structures multiple tents joined togetherdesigns may need to be independently checked by the engineer. With more complex structures, on-site wind monitoring devices should supplement information from remote weather forecasting services.

The correct distance to peg is the same distance as the height of the pole being used at that point. Final all-round visual check to satisfy that the tent is securely erected.

Common Questions

Who is this guide for? Insufficient tension in the tent Side poles that are positioned too upright will prevent ideal lateral tensioning in the body of the tent.

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Considerations Clients should be informed of the design wind load of the stretch tent and provide instructions for evacuation should this be reached. Side-upright Poles Every corner- and side-upright pole should be anchored. Purpose-designed stakes with defined heads, used in conjunction with gang plates, are generally preferred since they do not need to project significantly above the surface.

Part 1: Inspections

Checklist inspection upon completed assembly This inspection should be conducted by the head rigger. All structural supports are sound without cracks or significant dents and not overstressed. The client should be made aware that, once the structure has been handed over, it is essential that they make no modifications to it, in particular, structural components or the number and positioning of exits.

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Water pooling Central poles should be placed upright, no less than 4. Examination of the stretch tent components Fundamental to stretch tent safety is ensuring that the tent itself and all rigging components are maintained on an ongoing basis and are in good working condition. Exit routes should be kept free from obstruction at all times.

Other articles on stretch tent safety: Pole positioning and angling Centre pole with staggered lengths. Considerations No dangerous, combustible or toxic gases or other allied product such as aerosols, explosives or pyrotechnics should be stored within a fabric structure.

Part 2: Stability

The client should be informed of maximum design wind load. Insufficient safety straps Tent under correct tension.

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This information can be requested from RHI. If the sides are raised then the contractor must have the required systems in place to continuously assess wind conditions at the site and must take preventative action to lower the sides if necessary. If extreme weather is predicted, ensure appropriate base plates are used.

Common Stretch Tent Rigging Mistakes Can Be Avoided With These Guidelines

All anchorages are fitted with a protector. This includes an adequate working area around the footprint and the access route to and from it including emergency access The site should be a reasonable distance from over-ground services, like overhead power lines, and the client should provide information to the contractor prior to installation of the location of underground services as stretch tents generally require pegging of at least one meter in length.

When followed, the tips and best practices set out below will ensure a successful event. The main center uprights are straight and sound. Anchorages are suitable for the purpose and soil condition and are holding fast.

Once done, a report can be issued that will incorporate a checklist carried out by the head rigger. Pegs lifting out the surface Site inspections should be thorough and include an assessment of the grounds prior to the event.

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Which brings us to the first part of this guide: In saying that, rigging a stretch tent should be avoided when snow is expected. All wooden uprights if used are free from splits that are likely to cause failure.

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Correct pole lengths will create the ideal run-off with no flat areas. Common stretch tent rigging mistakes As a supplier to the international stretch tent market, our team of experts have years of safety experience — a critical component of the RHI service offering.

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Generally speaking, contractors affiliated with RHI provide services on a short-term or temporary hire basis less than 28 days. This provides superior anchorage as well as reducing the risk of tripping.

Design guidelines

Long-term or semi-permanent installations may be subject to regulations not covered in this guide. Special attention should be paid to the components that are critical to the structure of the stretch tent. These safety requirements apply to all stretch tent sizes.

  • The correct distance to peg is the same distance as the height of the pole being used at that point.
  • The Complete Guide to Rigging a Stretch Tent Safely – RHI Stretch Tents
  • If pegs are too easy to slam in then double or triple pegging should be considered.
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Inspections The first part of this guide explains how to do a thorough inspection before and after setup. The number of stakes required for the storm bolts over different sized tents do vary. All aspects of the final structure are at a safe distance from power lines and other possible hazards. Our commitment to safety is especially important when taking into account that we supply tents to various countries around the world, predominantly in Europe United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, France, Spainthat operate under their own unique health and safety executives.

A wind monitoring plan that incorporates wind action levels should be developed and provided to the client. Intermediate points on the stretch tent must also be anchored, even if uplift forces are countered at the main anchor points, as lateral movement can destabilise the structure and cause injury. Stretch tent rental companies contractors Event organisers and venue owners Introduction Buy penis enlargement cream in newcastle to an event, the stretch tent contractor needs to define the respective areas of health and safety responsibilities between him or her and the event organiser or venue owner.

Stretch Tent Setup Instructions - Stretch Structures

Please consult RHI for more information. If pegs are too easy to slam in then double or triple pegging should be considered. The main focus of such an assessment is rigging techniques. These changes can only be made by the contractor. Another very important element of stretch tent safety is design and rigging.

Common stretch tent rigging mistakes

January 23, Common Stretch Tent Rigging Mistakes Can Be Avoided With These Guidelines In an introductory stretch tent safety article, we discussed basic health and safety regulations and also listed the parties responsible for heeding these guidelines.

Stretch tent safety Stability Client awareness If you would like more information about RHI stretch tents, get in touch with us via the button below. Causes of erection 1: When more than one row of central poles is needed, ensure the lengths are staggered with the longest poles placed in the centre of the tent.